Trainee Attourney of law

Mag. Markus Löscher – vCard

Foto Mag. Markus LöscherFoto Mag. Markus Löscher

Markus graduated from his studies of law at the University of Vienna. He focused on labour law in his thesis and already specialised on this subject. Since June 2014 he is a trainee attorney of law at GERLACH Rechtsanwälte.

Markus was working for a big french group during his studies but in the last section of his studies he changed to our law office according to his career plans. Here he did administration, legal research and correspondence for a large lawsuit.

In spring/summer 2015 Markus completed his court internship in Gmünd and Wr. Neustadt.
This experience confirmed his career decisions and from then on, he fully devotes himself to labour law.


  • Der bezahlte Weg zur Arbeit - Eine Trendwende in der Rechtsprechung?
    A guide about the ongoing changes in austrian jurisprudence in PVP 2018/66
  • Angleichung Arbeiter/Angestellte:
    Der neue „Angeiter"?
    Article release regarding the approximation of blue-collar and white-collar employees in PVP 2017/86
  • Kann der Betriebsrat – trotz Entlassung –
    bis zur gerichtlichen Zustimmung weiterhin
    uneingeschränkt im Unternehmen wirken?
    Article release regarding dismissal of the works council in PVP 2017/40
  • „Große“ Elternteilzeit: Die 7 häufigsten
    Dienstgeberfehler und wie Sie diese
    vermeiden (Teil 2)

    Article release regarding maternity leave in PVP 2017/29
  • „Große“ Elternteilzeit: Die 7 häufigsten
    Dienstgeberfehler und wie Sie diese
    vermeiden (Teil 1)

    Article release regarding maternity leave in PVP 2017/21
  • Umstieg von "kleiner" Elternteilzeit auf "große" Elternteilzeit möglich?
    Article release regarding maternity leave in PVP 2016/271


Mag. Christopher Badalec – vCard

Foto Mag. Christopher BadalecFoto Mag. Christopher Badalec

Christopher graduated from the University of Vienna with a law degree. While still a student, he worked for the Chamber of Labour Vienna in the field of legal advice between 2012 and 2015. During this time, he had the opportunity to study the labor law in more detail, which has accompanied him ever since.

He completed his judicial year at the District Court for the Inner City of Vienna and the Vienna Public Prosecutor's Office and was subsequently able to gain practical experience in a renowned employment law firm in Vienna before joining us at the end of 2017.


Mag. Klaus Wieser – vCard

Foto Mag. Klaus WieserFoto Mag. Klaus Wieser

Klaus studied law at the University of Vienna, graduating in 2016. He wrote a seminar paper on labor and sports law, thus already setting his later professional focus in this discipline. After graduating from the University of Vienna School of Law, he completed his court practice in Vienna and St. Pölten.

After working for a business law firm in Vienna and expanding his legal resources, Klaus joined our team in December 2017.