Field of Competence

Our field of competence incorporates all aspects of Austrian and European employment law as well as related matters involving both company and insolvency law. We lead our clients through the various aspects involved in drawing up contracts and in conflict management (both in and out of court). Throughout the decision making process we provide guidance in order to ensure our clients the most innovative restructuring and decision making strategies.

Employment law is an ever-developing area which produces a multi-faceted range of questions that we can help you with.

Start thinking outside the box

Employment law is a specialist field under the greater umbrella that is law. As such it requires specific knowledge that you cannot gain just by reading a book. Consequently the members of our office are up to date and fully informed not just with regard to case-law or collective judicial processes (especially collective agreements) but in all aspects of income tax, social security regulations, company law and insolvency law. Our skills and knowledge which are based on years of real world experience make us especially valuable.As the importance of law rises within the European Union so too does it rise within the field of employment law and with us you can be sure of being up to date with every development along the way.

Basic knowledge of German and English employment law is standard amongst the associates thus allowing us a wider field of practice. For international questions we are part of a network of correspondence lawyers that includes all European Union member states and the USA. International meetings, personal contacts and membership in international associations allow us to strengthen these connections.


  • EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association) – Austrian representative on the Board
  • Board of Rechtsanwaltskammer Wien
  • NELA (National Employment Lawyers Association, USA)
  • ABA and IBA (American und International Bar Association)
  • Law & Society
  • The Industrial Law Society