1989-1993 Undergraduate at the University of Vienna
1994-1995 Academic „Erasmus“ year at the Universita La Sapienza in Rome
1995-1996 Court year in Vienna
1996-2000 Trainee lawyer
10/2000 Passed the bar exams
2001-2002 ASFINAG: Project-team for making tenders for the „goods vehicle toll system“
2002-2009 ASFINAG: Project-team for public procurement law
2009-2010 Trainee attourney at Griesser | Gerlach | Gahleitner
01/2011 Trainee attourney at GERLACH Rechtsanwälte
05/2011 Swear in as Attorney of Law and entry as partner of GERLACH Rechtsanwälte