Roland Gerlach has held numerous lectures on all areas of employment law at home and abroad. He has lectured for ABA and IBA, private organisations as well as in-house.


Future Events

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Past Events

15. - 17.06.2016Cambridge Forums

International Forum on Employment Law 2016 in Cascais, Portugal

Roland Gerlach will visit this international event with other prominent employment lawexperts und discuss about selected topics from the wold of labour law

04. - 09.10.2015IBA (International Bar Association)

Annual IBA Conference 2015 in Vienna, Austria

Roland Gerlach will co-moderate a panel on "Low cost airlines – a critical examination of the industry business model with a focus on employee and labour relations" on October 5th and "When Culture Impacts Compliance- What Gives?" on October 10th at the IBA Annual Conference

04. - 05.06.2015EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association)

EELA 2015 Conference in the Carob Mill Conference Centre, Cyprus, Limassol

Roland Gerlach will be leading a panel on “Employment Litigation in Europe: Procedures, Remedies, Best Practices and Trends” on Friday 5th

09. - 10.04.2015IBA (International Bar Association)

Annual Employment and Discrimination Law Conference
in the Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel, Rome, Italy

Roland Gerlach speaks about: Collective redundancy: selection models in Europe in the non-discrimination era

05. - 08.11.2014ABA (American Bar Association)

8th Annual ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law Conference in Los Angeles, USA

Roland Gerlach speaks about: Alternate Forms of Union Representation: Myth or Reality in North America?

19. - 24.10.2014IBA (International Bar Association)

Annual Conference in Tokyo, Japan
Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee:

Roland Gerlach speaks about: Discrimination in the workplace on the basis of age: what to avoid, lessons learned and effective solutions to ensure a harmonious and productive multi-aged workforce

06. - 07.11.2014Business Circle

Seminar »Labor Law for HR-Professionals«

This seminar offers an overview over most recent jurisprudence, specific solutions for pending labor law related problems and strategies (Language: German)

15. - 16.05.2014Department of Labour Law and Law of Social Security

Annual scientific meeting in Traunkirchen

Lecture on works agreements, pension fund contracts and business plans by Roland Gerlach

13. - 14.03.2014IBA (International Bar Association)

Conference about Labour Law in Cape Town

Roland Gerlach is speaking about the topic of »International employment trends in key jurisdictions: discussing legislative and judicial trends over the last 12 months in Asia, Europe and Oceania«

22.05.2012 Business Circle

Seminar »Equal Opportunities Act«

24.04.2012Business Circle

Seminar »Employment Law for Personnel Professionals«

28.03.2012IBA (International Bar Association)

IBA Conference in New York, USA

13.03.2012Business Circle

Seminar »Avoiding Personal Liability as Manager and Director«

28.01.2012L&E Global

Lecture in Paris, France

23.01.2012EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association)

EELA-Conference in Dublin and London

24.11.2011IBA (International Bar Association)

IBA Conference in Chicago, USA

03.11.2011IBA (International Bar Association)

IBA Conference in Dubai, UAE

20.10.2011Business Circle

Seminar »Equal Opportunities Act«

10.10.2011 Business Circle

Seminar »Avoiding Personal Liability as Manager and Director«

22.09.2011AWAK Vienna

AWAK-Seminar »Current Developments in Employment Law«

22.06.2011Business Circle

For the second time Roland Gerlach is holding a lecture on the »Recent changes in labor-law« as part of the Breakfast Briefing.

03. - 06.11.2010ABA (American Bar Association)

Annual conference of the ABA Section of Labor & Employment Law

Roland Gerlach holds a speech about European labor law in Chicago, USA

03. - 08.10.2010IBA (International Bar Association)

Annual Conference of the IBA

Roland Gerlach is one of the speakers of the panel »Unions today« in Vancouver, Canada