Dr. Roland Gerlach, LLM (LSE)


That Roland Gerlach decided to specialise in employment law can be attributed to the fact that, among other things, the seminars were held in Ski lodges. The joy he found and what he could remember from the seminars led him to write his dissertation on employment law. This subsequently led to a partnership with Dr. Georg Grießer and thus the founding of Griesser|Gerlach|Gahleitner which was later to become GERLACH Rechtsanwälte. From the beginning on one of Roland Gerlach’s key concerns was that employment law should be as free from ideology as possible resulting in the development of the office’s employer consulting services.

GERLACH Rechtsanwälte is therefore available to both employers and employees as a reliable partner in all aspects of employment law.

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Portraitfoto Dr. Roland Gerlach, LLM (LSE)Portraitfoto Dr. Roland Gerlach, LLM (LSE)