Verschwiegenheit und in langfristigen Beziehungen aufgebaute Vertraulichkeit sind für uns zentrale Werte, weshalb wir nur die Empfehlungen jener Unabhängigen, die sich hauptberuflich mit der Bewertung juristischer Tätigkeit befassen, zitieren:



Chambers Europe 2016 praises the experience and depth of L&E Global’s European law firms.

“L&E Global’s member firms strive to provide consistently high-quality employment law services to their clients and the Chambers Europe 2016 rankings reflect the success of those efforts.” – Stephan Swinkels, Executive Director and Member of the Board of L&E Global.

According to Chambers Europe 2016:
Gerlach Rechtsanwälte | L&E Global Austria

Roland Gerlach of Gerlach Rechtsanwälte is acclaimed by peers as “a heavyweight in the field,” and is regularly seen acting on high-profile cases. He represents both employers and employees and is also seen advising works councils.


Chambers Europe Praises L&E Global’s European Members

Chambers Europe 2015 commends L&E Global’s European law firms:
The Chambers Europe 2015 rankings emphasize the commitment from L&E Global’s Members and Affiliated Members to provide the highest quality employment law advice, now and in the future.” – Stephan Swinkels, Executive Director of L&E Global

According to Chambers Europe 2015:
Gerlach Rechtsanwälte | L&E Global Austria

The “outstanding” Roland Gerlach of Gerlach Rechtsanwälte is an incredibly prominent figure in the Austrian employment market, with a tremendous reputation for representing employees in high-profile disputes.


Gerlach Rechtsanwälte’s field of competence incorporates all aspects of Austrian and European employment law as well as related matters involving both company and insolvency law. The firm leads clients through the various aspects involved in drawing up contracts and in conflict management (both in and out of court). Throughout the decision making process we provide guidance in order to ensure our clients the most innovative restructuring and decision making strategies.

Basic knowledge of German and English employment law is standard amongst the associates, thus allowing the firm to work on a wide-ranging field of international matters.


Described by Chambers & Partners as a “fixture at the top of the Austrian legal market,” Gerlach Rechtsanwälte’s competence incorporates all aspects of employment law.

Partner Roland Gerlach has successfully built a portfolio of corporate clients and advises them on long-term strategy, as well as day-to-day employment matters, and represents them in court, when necessary. He is widely admired by competitors as one of the leaders in the field and is further described in Chambers & Partners as, “...always having his clients' interests at heart and to cut sensible deals."

Each of L&E Global’s fourteen member firms concentrates its practice on employment law, employee benefits, labor relations, workplace privacy, and immigration, and each firm is recognized by clients and legal organizations as a leader in these fields.



Die Kanzlei Gerlach platzierte sich erneut in diesem Jahr  auf den vorderen Plätzen in Sachen Arbeitsrecht:

Im Arbeitsrecht nimmt die häufig empfohlene Boutique eine Sonderstellung ein, denn ihre Anwälte beraten Dienstgeber wie -nehmer.
Strategische Ausnahmestellung, da unternehmens- und dienstnehmerseitig tätig.

Juve Verlag, Ausgabe Juli/August 2016


Im aktuellen JUVE-Ranking findet sich die Kanzlei »GERLACH Rechtsanwälte« unter den Top Adressen in Sachen Arbeitsrecht.

Eine im Arbeitsrecht häufig empfohlene Boutique. Zwar zählt sie teils namhafte Unternehmen zu ihren laufenden Mandanten, im Markt sticht jedoch die Beratung der Arbeitnehmerseite hervor, die Wettbewerber als "fachlich sehr gut" loben.

JUVE Verlag, Ausgabe Juli/August 2015

JUVE-Anwaltsranking Arbeitsrecht; _ GERLACH Rechtsanwälte

Anwaltsranking 2017

Dr. Roland Gerlach findet sich mit der Kanzlei GERLACH Rechtsanwälte auch in diesem Jahr wieder als fester Bestandteil unter den Top 5 der profiliertesten Arbeitsrechtsexperten des Landes.
TREND Anwalts-Ranking 2017 (Ausgabe 17/2017)

Anwaltsranking 2017 (JPG)

Anwaltsranking 2016

Auch im heurigen Ranking ist die Kanzlei GERLACH Rechtsanwälte wieder unter den führenden Spezialisten in Sachen Arbeitsrecht vertreten.
TREND Anwalts-Ranking 2016 (Ausgabe 17/2016)

Anwaltsranking 2016 (PNG)


Ab 2016 wurde das traditionelle FORMAT-Anwaltsranking in den TREND überführt.

Anwaltsranking 2015

Auch heuer platziert sich Dr. Roland Gerlach zum wiederholten Male im alljährlichen Ranking von FORMAT unter den Top-Anwälten in Österreich im Bereich Arbeitsrecht.
FORMAT Anwalts-Ranking 2015 (Ausgabe 16/2015)

Anwaltsranking 2015 (PNG)

Anwaltsranking 2014

In Zeiten, in denen Restrukturierungen boomen und die Konkurrenz wächst, kann sich Dr. Roland Gerlach 2014 im Ranking des FORMAT unter den Top 5 der Anwälte im Arbeitsrecht festsetzen.
FORMAT Anwalts-Ranking 2014 (Ausgabe 16/2014)

Anwaltsranking 2014 (PNG)

Anwaltsranking 2013

Als fester Bestandteil im Anwaltsranking des FORMAT findet sich Dr. Roland Gerlach auch in diesem Jahr unter den Top 10 der gefragtesten Arbeitsrechtsexperten.
FORMAT Anwalts-Ranking 2013 (Ausgabe 16/2013)

Anwaltsranking 2013 (PNG)

Anwaltsranking 2012

Dr. Roland Gerlach wird regelmäßig – so auch in Ausgabe 16 des Magazins FORMAT im April 2012 – unter den Top 10 im Bereich Arbeitsrecht geführt.
FORMAT Anwalts-Ranking 2012 (Ausgabe 16/2012)

Anwaltsranking 2012 (PNG)

Anwaltsranking 2011

FORMAT Anwalts-Ranking 2011 (Ausgabe 14/2011)

Anwaltsranking 2011 (PNG)

Anwaltsranking 2010

FORMAT Anwalts-Ranking 2010 (Ausgabe 14/2010)

Anwaltsranking 2010 (PNG)



The current Chambers and Partners guide of 2017 states:
The "extremely brilliant" Roland Gerlach of Gerlach Rechtsanwälte is a market-leading presence in labour law, spanning both employer and employee representation. He is frequently seen acting on behalf of high-ranking employees in the negotiation of termination agreements, including related court proceedings. "He has a clear understanding of the business scenario, and he asks the right questions," one source asserts, adding: "He was very clear regarding what was feasible and what wasn't, with very fast communication and responses to questions." He recently assisted an international chemical company with its restructuring and downsizing measures.


Roland Gerlach is ranked among the top lawyers in the 2016 editorial of Chambers and Partners:
»Roland Gerlach of Gerlach Rechtsanwälte is acclaimed by peers as "a heavyweight in the field," and is regularly seen acting on high-profile cases. He represents both employers and employees and is also seen advising works councils.«


Roland Gerlach is announced for 2015 in Chambers and Partners:
»The "outstanding" Roland Gerlach of Gerlach Rechtsanwälte is an incredibly prominent figure in the Austrian employment market, with a tremendous reputation for representing employees in high-profile disputes.«


»Market commentators call Roland Gerlach of Gerlach Rechtsanwälte "a brilliant lawyer who is outstanding to negotiate with." He attracts particular praise for his representation of employees in court cases.«


»Roland Gerlach set up Gerlach Rechtsanwälte after Griesser Gerlach Gahleitner closed its doors at the end of 2010. He generally acts on the employee side, and is a standout figure on the market, in demand for the most complex of employment cases.«


»Roland Gerlach gained prestige for settling the six-year lawsuit against Austria’s biggest bank regarding compensation for cuts made to its pension fund. He is praised for his direct approach, and is considered ‘truly excellent – one of the best employment lawyers in Austria.’«


»A long-standing authority on employment law, Roland Gerlach is a towering figure in the market. (…) He earns plaudits for his deep understanding of labour law and his solutions-focused approach.«


»Roland Gerlach is considered an expert in pensions and is praised for his ´sound economic approach and understanding of how the structures of multinationals and big corporations work.´ Peers appreciate his ´amenable, non-confrontational style,´ and recognise his ability to communicate an understanding of the big picture.«



Die Kanzlei Gerlach Rechtsanwälte findet sich hierbei erneut im Spitzenfeld der Arbeitsrechtsspezialisten Österreichs wieder.
Dr. Roland Gerlach wird dabei als eine führende Persönlichkeit gelistet.


Gerlach Rechtsanwälte has been recommended again as a TOP-TIER FIRM in the practice area of employment in 2015.

Gerlach Rechtsanwälte is also listed in elite "Leading lawyers" list. The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa 2015's guide to outstanding lawyers nationwide and The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa 2015 editorial.
Roland Gerlach has been confirmed as a leading individual in employment law.


»Boutique firm Gerlach Rechtsanwälte specialises in Austrian and European employment law, and is ‘outstanding when it comes to court proceedings’. The renowned Roland Gerlach provides ‘excellent advice’, particularly in connection with employee representation.«


»The reputations of Sieglinde Gahleitner, Roland Gerlach and Georg Griesser keep work coming through the door.«




Roland Gerlach has been selected by our independent research with clients and peers for recognition in the 2017 edition of Who’s Who Legal: Labour & Employment – a guide to the world’s leading labour, employment and pensions & benefits lawyers.


Who's Who Legal introduced their brand new Austria special report, a detailed guide to the country’s legal market.
Gerlach Rechtsanwälte achieved a placement among the top players in the field of labour law.

GERLACH RECHTSANWÄLTE has been selected by research of Who's Who Legal with clients and peers as being among the world's leading management labour and employment lawyers.

Dr. Roland Gerlach and Mag. Branco Jungwirth are listed again in WWL's 2015 edition for Labour and Employment.


»Since 1996 Who's Who Legal has identified the foremost legal practitioners in multiple areas of business law. In total, this site features over 16,000 of the World's leading private practice lawyers from over 100 national jurisdictions. They pride themselves on the integrity and authority of their findings.«

Dr. Roland Gerlach and Mag. Branco Jungwirth are listed in WWL's 2014 edition for Labour and Employment.


Die Wiener Zeitung führte heuer erstmalig ein Ranking unter Österreichs Anwälten durch.
Dabei wurden durch den us-amerikanischen Verlag Best Lawyers, in einem umfangreichen Peer-to-Peer-Verfahren, eine Liste über die profiliertesten Rechtsberater Österreichs in ihren jeweiligen Fachgebieten erstellt.

Wir dürfen hiermit die Auszeichnung von Dr. Roland Gerlach und der Kanzlei Gerlach, in diesem Ranking, im Fachgebiet Arbeitsrecht, bekanntgeben.