Die kommende rechtliche Angleichnug von Arbeitern und Angestellen


Angleichung Arbeiter/Angestellte:
Der neue „Angeiter"?

Mag. Markus Löscher hat zu den kommenden Veränderungen einen Artikel in der aktuellen PVP 2017/86 verfasst

Angleichung Arbeiter/Angestellte (PDF)


L&E Global Launches Interactive Global Handbook 2017 E-Guide

Brussels – 10 October 2017:
L&E Global’s member firms are pleased to present you with our very first interactive E-Guide ( of our 2017 Global Handbook, which serves as an introduction to the complex issue of employees vs independent contractors, with analyses from 32 key jurisdictions, across 6 continents. The benefit of the e-guide is twofold: (1) we protect the environment by saving on printing, paper and shipping and (2) the content can be kept up-to-date at all times.

In recent years, the use of independent contractors has increased significantly. There has also been an increase in the use of fixed-term contracts, temporary commercial agency agreements and labour outsourcing services. This trend is not without its risks. For employers with operations in multiple jurisdictions, successfully entering into a working relationship, whether with an employee or an independent contractor, is a very real challenge and one that impacts every sector of industry, in every region of the world.

This comprehensive publication is a valuable resource for HR professionals, employment and corporate attorneys, academics and jurists and is a testament to the L&E Global alliance’s commitment to offering clients the most comprehensive legal analysis capabilities and insight from across the globe, now and in the future.

We hope you find this publication to be of great value to you and your enterprise and please contact L&E Global, or one of our member firms, if we can be of assistance.

The L&E Global Alliance


Trend Ranking 2017

Auch heuer darf sich Dr. Roland Gerlach wieder zu den Top-Spezialisten in Sachen Arbeitsrecht im alljährlichen Ranking des TREND zählen.